X Girls Curriculum (prices vary)

  • $ 29.99

If you have been involved in the commercial sex industry or are an ally, mentor or loved one to someone who has, we made the X Girls video series and workbook for YOU! With this Workbook and DVD Kit, you'll be able to guide participants through a series of topics based on a survey from hundreds of fellow survivors to find common threads that each of us have had to deal with, navigate and unpack after having been involved in the commercial sex industry.

In this series, a panel of survivors answer questions and share our experiences related to those topics:

  • Survivors of the commercial sex industry, exploitation, and trafficking
  • Mentors
  • Advocates
  • Support Groups (Can be used as curriculum)
  • Individuals who want to learn more about the challenges and nuances of navigating life after the commercial sex industry

Language: English

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