Free to Thrive

Survivor-developed, trauma-informed curriculum is hard to come by, making the Live Free Curriculum a unique and essential resource. Specifically designed for those involved in the sex industry or women and girls who have experienced exploitation and trafficking, this powerful tool provides a compassionate and comprehensive pathway towards self-discovery and personal growth.

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  • Recovery Resources

    Resources for women healing from trauma, exploitation, and abuse. The journey is not always easy, but it is worth it! And YOU are worth it! We hope these resources will help you live the healthy, flourishing life you are meant to live.

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  • Leadership Resources

    Want to help women in the sex industry and survivors of trafficking find lasting freedom and healing? These resources, developed by survivor leaders, will help you learn how to effectively support women in the sex industry and survivors of trafficking.

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  • Merchandise

    Support the recovery of women on their healing and recover jounrey by purchasing various items from our merchandise store!

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We're here for you!

Many of us have been in the industry/the life and understand its realities. As a survivor-led organization, we are here to encourage you on your journey and empower you to live a healthy, flourishing life.

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