Scars & Stilettos - 2nd Edition

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Scars and Stilettos: At thirteen, after being abandoned by her mother one summer and left to take care of her younger brother, Harmony becomes susceptible to a relationship that turns out to be toxic, abusive, and ultimately exploitative.  She eventually finds herself working in a strip club at the age of nineteen, and her boyfriend becomes her pimp, controlling her every move and taking all of her money.  Ultimately, she discovers a path to freedom and a whole new life. 





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Loved this book! It will move you, open your eyes to what women caught in this trap need, how you can help, and most of all, cause you to feel compassion instead of judgment. And....there IS a way out.

- Dr. Henry Cloud, Author & Psychologist

"Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will be encouraged, you will fall in love with God all over again.  And you will want to get a copy for every person you know!"

- Holly Wagner, Author, and Founder of She Rises

 I was so moved by this book that I read it twice and would recommend it as a "must read" for both men and women.  

-Cheryl Baker, Co-Founder of Celebrate Recovery